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Integra Shipping

United States 1791 Miami Gardens Dr, Miami, FL 33179, USA
(latitude: 25.946043, longitude: -80.165550)

Integrashipping is a transportation company specializing in the relocation of automobiles, boats and motorcycles. Our experience automobile transporters offer professional moving of vehicles to any location in the United States or around the world.

Easy To Understand Contracts

At Integrashipping, we know the frustrations of moving long distances and we make every effort to present price quotes and contract details in a simple and easy to understand manner. Integrashipping will ask for a deposit before scheduling a pickup and delivery of your vehicle, but once the contract is signed it is much the same as a car rental company. Professional drivers complete a form with the customer after visually inspecting the vehicle, and then proceed to load it onto a car carrier or boat trailer. When it arrives at the destination the vehicle or boat will be inspected by the owner and the delivery signed off by the driver.

A Special Fleet of Transportation Vehicles

Integrashipping is a family of expert automobile shippers who know the proper way to load and transport any type of vehicle. On a cross country trip this involves a special car carrier or trailer van, but we also contract with other companies for worldwide shipping. In the case of a vehicle being relocated overseas, we will store your car in an appropriate container and place it on board ship for the marine voyage. Boats are also handled with great care by our professional drivers; the vessel is placed on the correctly-sized trailer or truck bed mount and secured according to the vesselís configuration.

Fully Insured Professional Drivers

All of the drivers at Integrashipping are experienced loading, driving and unloading automobiles, motorcycles and boats. Unlike general auto transportation companies that often mix and match loads depending on destinations, we have a one-time load rule and can assure you that once your vehicle is secured it will not be reloaded onto various trucks during its journey. We are among the few automobile shippers that follow this rule, which we know greatly increases the safety and security of your vehicle. All drivers are fully insured and properly licensed to operate trucks capable of carrying a load of vehicles.

Fairness in Scheduling and Affordable Prices

Integrashipping will offer fair estimates on arrival dates, which vary according to the distance your car, boat or motorcycle is being transported. Sometimes inclement weather may force delays in the auto shipping business, but we carefully base our arrival times with this contingency in mind. And we review all possible means of overseas transportation to insure the fastest possible delivery if by ship. We know that you will want your vehicle or boat waiting for you when you arrive at your destination; if you are moving across the country you will need your car(s) as soon as you get there. We are dependable auto shippers who give accurate delivery quotes and strive to provide the best possible service for the lowest prices available.

On our website you will find detailed information regarding the transport of cars, boats and even motorcycles to any destination you choose. Call or complete the contact us form to get an immediate quote for the safe, secure transport of your vehicle and leave the transportation of your family car, SUV, boat or ATV to the experts!

If you are moving across the country or around the world and want your automobile transported for you, Integrashipping is the company for the job. We are different than most transport companies in that we offer personalized service for every individual. You can rest easy knowing that your vehicle is being handled by professionals who value your car as much as you do. And we offer instant quotes by phone and online, guaranteeing the best possible price for your vehicle transportation needs.

Avoid the Hassles Of Driving

When planning a move, especially one that involves the entire family, the preparations are endless and involve lots of phone calls, scheduling for the moving company, and making arrangements for arrival at your new home. Thereís also the question of how to transport your car and car shipping rates; many find a long distance auto trip far too stressful during a time of relocation. The Answer? Call our experience staff, and let our dedicated service professionals make simple and affordable arrangements for the delivery of your family car to your new place of residence. We are experienced automobile transporters that can work around your schedule and have your car ready and waiting when you arrive at your new house or apartment.

Why Use An Automobile Transport Service?

There are many reasons why driving a car yourself across the country may not be the best option. For one thing the long trip puts many added miles on the vehicle. Also there is the unfamiliarity of the route; a cross country drive can be confusing even if the majority of the route is on the interstate highway system. And if your family owns more than one car, it means splitting up your group to make the trip, which is not acceptable for many people. By having an automobile transport service deliver your car, you are free to fly or take the train, arriving at your destination to meet your moving company as scheduled.

Across the United States or Around the World

If you are relocating overseas, either permanently or just for a special job assignment, you may want your vehicle transported as well. At Integrashipping we can arrange for your vehicle to be transported by ship to countless destinations around the globe. Shipping your car internationally is far less expensive than you may think; give us a call or fill in the convenient online form for international transportation rates and schedules.

Convenient And Simple

When you move there are many things that need to be done on schedule and on time, and this includes turning electricity on/off, setting up registration in a new school district, mail forwarding, transportation of† your vehicle, and the list never seems to end. With Integrashipping you can cross the vehicle transport problem from the list. It is a simple and convenient contract when using our services, and is as easy as reserving an airline flight. Your car will be in expert hands, and because it is a valuable investment, complete insurance for our services is available.

Find out just how affordable professional auto transfer is by picking up the phone or filling out your request online. Integrashipping is the answer to transporting your car across the country or around the world.

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