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A Touch of Classics

United States Texas, USA
(latitude: 36.500706, longitude: -93.508041)

Kens first experience with classic cars started when he was 10 or 12 years old. His family lived in a Long Island, NY neighborhood. There was an old gentleman that lived on the corner of their street that had a garage full of rare classic cars. Ken became friends with the old man and would hang out with him in the garage and learned how to polish fenders on the classic cars. Ken said every time there was a parade in town you would see the old man driving one of his classics cars in it.

Ken said when he was age 15 he was walking to school and back everyday. One day on his daily walk to he noticed this early 60s model MG Midget parked in one of the driveways that he passed. The MG was a neglected project that just sat in the driveway unused, uncared for and unloved. Ken said he felt this little car pulling on his emotions everyday when he walked by. It was like it was calling out his name.

Finally one day Ken decided that he was going to buy the little MG. On his way home from school he stopped and knocked on the door. He asked if the little car in the driveway was for sell. He was told that the owner wasnt there today to come back tomorrow. Ken came back the next day and talked to the owner and bought his first car for $50.

Ken and his friends pushed it home and he began to work on the engine attempting to get it to run. After some study, time and effort he got it running and sold it for a small profit. And that is when the classic car bug bit Ken. From age 15 to 18 Ken had bought, repaired and sold about 24 different cars. He had a 60 Triumph TR3, 67 Camaro, 67 Cougar, 61 Plymouth Fury III, several pick ups including a 52 Ford pick up.

Ken started his excavating business in 1980 with his 52Ford pick up. At some point he had to upgrade to a newer truck and he retired the 52 Ford. Ken decided to keep it and he planned to get it restored and drive it as his personal vehicle. Ken took the 52 Ford to several auto body shops over the years to get it restored. He said there always seemed to be some reason why they couldnt get started on it. Ken decided to gather up all the pieces of the 52 pick up bring them home and do the restoration himself. In mid January 2012 the 52 Ford pick up is back on the road. If you come out to take the classic tour Ken might take you for a ride in it.

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