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CRG Camaro Researche Group

Verenigde Staten Verenigde Staten
(latitude: 90.000000, longitude: 180.000000)

The Camaro Research Group (CRG) was started on 10 Sep 1997 by three Camaro enthusiasts with similar interests that met via the internet. (The germ of the concept for the group really started with a fourth member, and though he never became an actual active CRG participant, we include him as a co-founding member for this reason.) Research projects were defined and work began. Within six months, a more formal set of goals and approach was mutually agreed upon and documented, and with time a number of like-minded members were added. Our early FAQ site was first opened on a borrowed server (thanks jC!) near the time of our first anniversary, and our official CRGcamaros.orgdomain name and web site debuted half-way through our second year.

A debt of gratitude is owed to Rich Fields, the CRG coordinator  for over 10 years, for guiding the CRG through those early  years and his work on establishing the initial website content. The CRG also owes a debt of gratitude to, and our works stand on the shoulders of, those Camaro enthusiasts whose previous and ongoing documentation efforts we now attempt to extend with our research projects. We encourage you to investigate these resourcesthat can provide you with specific additional help.

The first-generation Camaro is one of the most complex automotive systems to research - which is why we are intrigued by it.  There have been few other models in the course of automotive history that have been produced in such numbers, with such an incredible, even unbelievable, variety of customizable options, and with so proportionally little remaining factory documentation available on many of the details.  Anyone that might mistakenly believe that everything is known about the first-gen Camaro simply hasnīt looked into it very deeply!

The CRG long-term goal is to be able to describe the production  configuration of every major first-generation Camaro model and option,  including mid-year changes.  To this end we have amassed an extensive CRG resource librarythat includes all the major pieces of original GM documentation and virtually every secondary reference that has ever been written about the first-generation Camaro.  We continue to acquire additional documentation as we find it (donations are welcome, by the way!).

Most of the research projects we start are very difficult and this means that they usually take a long time to complete (of course if they were simple they would already have been completed and documented by someone else).  We have started many more projects than we have completed; our incomplete research "works-in-progress" are numerous - but hopefully each will eventually come to a conclusion and see the light of day on this web site. While we frankly donīt ever expect to finish our long-term goal - we enjoy the challenge. It is our interest in the research itself - the journey, and not the destination - that causes us to persist in this thing.

Best Wishes and Happy Restoring!

The Camaro Research Group

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